"I chose Just Drive Bristol because of the good reviews"
Sheila Houghton-Brown, Clifton
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"I chose to learn with Just Drive Bristol because of recommendations from friends and the great testimonials"
Natalie Davies, Bishopston
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Customer Reviews

"Mark came highly recommended through 2 work colleagues"

“Mark came highly recommended through 2 work colleagues and I got on very well with his teaching methods. I liked each of the markers for the manoeuvres and how MSM was ingrained from lesson 1. I found learning to drive much tougher than expected. Control of the car came to me much earlier than taking…

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"I found his teaching methods very good and methodical"

“I chose Just Drive Bristol after looking at reviews and recommendations and called Mark to see if he had any space in his timetable to fit me in. I found his teaching methods very good and methodical, which suited my learning style well. There was a lot more to think about and remember than I…

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"Employing the right methods"

“I chose Just Drive because of their availability and flexibility of driving lessons. Mark’s teaching methods were just right. Employing the right methods and explaining why not to do some things. Learning to drive was as expected, but I particularly enjoyed the easy way to communicate with Mark. Thank you for the driving lesson!” Andrei…

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